Adventure, Adrenalin, Extreme experiences… If these words appeal to you, you have come to the right place. We offer quality Technical Dive Training and with piece of mind. 

Our goal: To get Safe Divers in the water that are trained to more than acceptable international standards
Our Passion: All forms of Technical diving
Our gas: Always Trimix or EANx – never air
Our time: Spent wholly in diver education and technical diving
Our work: To train technical divers so that they can to master their environment

We offer training at all levels, from Advanced Nitrox (the first step into technical diving), right through to Expedition Trimix, which will take you over the 100 meter mark to anywhere you desire. Cave and Rebreather diving is our speciality. We also offer Instructor and Instructor Trainer training. 

Rebreather certifications can be done on its own, or bolted onto any running Open Circuit course. We are considered the Rebreather Reference Centre in Southern Africa, and have many types of different rebreathers (Buddy Inspiration and Evolution, Halcyon, MK15.5, Cis Lunar, Submatix, Dolphin and Ray)and are always adding to the collection. 

Cave diving heightens your awareness and proficiency, allowing you to evolve into a better all around diver. Cave divers have an excellent safety record because of their skills. This is Don’s speciality, and he is world-known for the quality of training he offers. The techniques he teaches are state of the art modern-day practice. 

We also stock a range of excellent Technical Diving Equipment, including but not limited to Halcyon, Scubapro and Diverite. Please consider giving us a shout first before investing in technical gear, as it is very specialised and we often see divers arriving with gear that is not adequate for the task at hand.

We are based at Komati Springs , Mpumalanga, about 3 hours East of Johannesburg, and next door to the pristine Nkomazi Game Reserve sporting the Big 5. We are also close to the Kruger National Park and the Swaziland Border, which is on the major tourist paths. This is our permanent shop and training site location. We have open water to 53 meters and a vast cave system from 9 meters to 186 meters - ideal training ground. The site is not weather bound and can guarantee training, so no incomplete courses due to weather conditions.

We also run expeditions and train anywhere: Cape Town, Aliwal Shoal, Sodwana, Mozambique, Mauritius, Namibia, the Red Sea and more...

Don spends most of his time underwater – so if you cannot get him on the phone, please leave a message, or better yet, send him an email. Andre is chained to the office desk, so she more available during office hours. 
Enjoy the webpage – hope to see you soon.